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Hanson Maritime is a spill response provider and a U.S. Coast Guard B.O.A contractor for Southeast Alaska. We are able to respond immediately to pollution threats using our custom built aluminum response barge. Our response barge is well equipped with dry and tanked holds, four point anchoring, lifting eyes and is stocked with large quantities of absorbents.  Stowed on deck is 1000′ of 24″ containment boom, deployable while under tow or at anchor using a work skiff.

Our response method is the quickest and most effective way to mitigate pollution threats.

  • 1000′ X 24″ containment boom (barge)

  • 5000′ X 24″ containment boom (shore based)

  • 14′ X 35′ aluminum barge

  • IBC totes, dry and liquid totes

  • Sorbent boom, pads, sweep

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